Basic things to keep in mind for your website

If you run a business, these days you need a website, a good website.

If you don’t have one, chances are you will frustrate your current customers and you may even find it hard to gain new ones.

When having your website built make sure to keep some things in mind…

1. Easy to Find Info

Make sure everything is easy to find on your homepage and ‘one click away’.

For example, I get very frustrated when I go to a business website just to find their phone number (a process which many now do as appose to the good ol’ white pages) and the contact page is not included in the main menu and you have to spend minutes scouring the page before finding the correct link. Have your details and important information clear and easy to find – otherwise run the risk of losing customers permanently.

Try to keep any external Links to a minimum.

If you have a lot of reference or other links on your page to outside websites, make sure that they are opening up to a new page/tab and not loading overtop of yours. Going by user behavior, many people will easily forget about your site when they are redirected to someone else’s webpage. Unless their site sends them back to you, more often than not a link away is a customer gone.

2. Few External Links


3. Mobile Responsivity

Home PC’s are becoming few and far between

These days a large percentage of people are using more than just their computers for the majority of daily internet surfing. Phone and tablet users are taking up the majority of web traffic these days. Making sure that your site is compatible with all devices is a must! By keeping your website simple and free from clutter, they display much better on phones and tablets.

4. Content
One of the major ways to improve SEO or Search Engine Optimisation (or how to rank better in search engines) is by providing your website with amazing, original content. By writing a regular blog about relevant topics to your business you will not only be giving a reason for your customers to come to your website, but Google likes it too.

4. Relevant Content


5. Social Media Presence

5. Social Media
Get your business into social media, jump on the Facebook bandwagon, create a Twitter account and start Tweeting and post your brilliant new products on Instagram. You can promote specials, tell everyone about your awesome new blog, run competitions to gain Likes and even start Networking with other businesses through sites like LinkedIn.
6. Email Marketing

A great way to keep in touch with your customers or potential customers is via email, having a sign-up form pop up on your website is a great way to build your mailing list. Remember that you must have people ‘opt-in’ for your newsletter/specials etc before you can add them to your list, otherwise, this is regarded as SPAM. If you have an awesome, regular, informative blog going on then why not offer your articles to readers straight to their inbox or tempt your clients with subscriber-only specials and discounts.

6. Email Marketing


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